Followers App – Trace your Instagram Followers Activity

Followers appInstagram is definitely one of the most popular social networks nowadays. Tons of people likes to share their photos or stories and communicate with users from around the globe through comments or direct messages. The concept behind this idea is pretty good, and it comes with a mass of new coming features. However, there are some places where this app leaves its users wishing for more. Unfortunately, you cannot track who has unfollowed you or if the people you Continue reading “Followers App – Trace your Instagram Followers Activity”

How to hack Instagram account with using special software

Take a look at striking trick which can hack Instagram accounts passwords using this special software shown below. Tool is developed exactly for this blackhat activity.
A group of developers who call themselves “Extreme Programming team” decided to perform their skills and IT knowledge to test if they’re capable to break inside secured IG account. After couple of months hard working they made it possible at the end. All of their Continue reading “How to hack Instagram account with using special software”

Amazing Android Apps Everyone MUST Have

So, did you just buy a new Android smartphone? You don’t have any idea which applications you should install first? Well, here’s our list of some weird yet MUST have apps for your technical mobile pet. Some of these ones are pretty good while others are very useful and there are a couple of apps which are good for time pass. So, have a look at our list of some of the best and must have ones for everyone’s need!

Must have Android apps
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