How to hack Instagram account with using special software

Take a look at striking trick which can hack Instagram accounts passwords using this special software shown below. Tool is developed exactly for this blackhat activity.
A group of developers who call themselves “Extreme Programming team” decided to perform their skills and IT knowledge to test if they’re capable to break inside secured IG account. After couple of months hard working they made it possible at the end. All of their project logs, including troubleshoots, bugs and failures can be found in directory of their official website. (Link below in post.)

Instagram Hack Tool by Extreme Programming

Usage Instructions:
As you can see from the screenshot above, the app has very friendly interface and it’s very simple designed for an user. All you have to do is enter Instagram username (ID) of profile you’d like to get into and press the “Find Password” button to begin the process. There are two more options which are optional to check and they will give you more security while cracking accounts:
Clear Cookies: This will delete all IG related cookies from your default browser from which this app operates with. Makes you more safe and undetected.
Use Proxy: This option makes your connection spoofed with completely different IP address. Means your location is faked and shown as somewhere else from real one if someones tries to track you out. But regular internet users doesn’t even know what IP or proxy is. Not to talk about how to find out someones IP. So you can feel safe even if you don’t use these options at all. But feeling more secured is always good thing 🙂

Get the App

App is supported and works on Android (Apk), iOS, Windows and Mac operating systems and it’s available to download from Extreme Programming official website.
When you click the download button on its site, link will automatically redirect you to match device you’re using.


Very interesting and useful app for any user of this social network. It can come handy in all different situations;
Parental control – To check out whether your child is on target of some internet bully.
Relationship checking – If you’re not sure your spouse/boyfriend/girlfeiend is cheating on you. Hack their IG password using this program and find out! (Dodgy advice)
Password Recovery – If you forgot/lost password to login to your Instagram profile, this tool will help you find it for sure.

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Seems like the Extreme Programming team decided to abandon their project and no longer update it. Its functionality with Instagram’s database is stopped as well.
But some other group of hackers decided to continue running the Instagram hack tool alive with its new name “InstaRipper“. It has its own dedicated website which you can visit here and download the app from.

Use at your own risk.

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