Amazing Android Apps Everyone MUST Have

So, did you just buy a new Android smartphone? You don’t have any idea which applications you should install first? Well, here’s our list of some weird yet MUST have apps for your technical mobile pet. Some of these ones are pretty good while others are very useful and there are a couple of apps which are good for time pass. So, have a look at our list of some of the best and must have ones for everyone’s need!

Must have Android apps

Carrr Matey
Since population is increasing and everyone is buying a new car therefore the number of available parking spots is decreasing. If in case, you have found a parking spot on a busy street then there is possibility you may forget the parking location while shopping or working in the office. This is where our first application Carr Matey comes in handy.
Though there are a lot of similar ones in the Android play store but this is the best of the lot. The available features and the ease of use makes this application simply the best. This tool allows you to mark the point at the place where you have parked your car and then it will help you in locating your car if you have forgotten the location. Interesting, right?

My Bic Lighter
You are in a music concert and you are going crazy after the performance of your favorite band. Now its your time to show your support and appreciate their performance by flicking on your lighter. But wait! The management has taken away your lighter already since no one is allowed to enter the concert hall with a flammable material. Now what?
Don’t worry we have an Android application which will save the day for you. Just run My Bic Lighter on your phone and let it do the rest for you in events where you are not allowed to take lighter along with you.

Easy Metal Detector Lite
Working in a security team in a school or college event? Well, this application can help you do your job with perfection and great ease. Easy Metal Detector uses magnetometer for detecting metals and if you are leading the security team in your college then you can definitely use this software.
Well, there are few other good ones like Metal Detector but personally we feel this software is the best available application because of its user friendly interface. Please note that your smartphone does not have a huge magnetometer so it is important for you to be pretty close to the metallic object in order to detect it.

My Magic 8 Ball
Are you curious about your future? Do you want to know what is going to happen in the near future? Well, if this is what you are looking for the My Magic 8 Ball is tailored made for you. On a strong shake of the phone this application will answer your question. You should understand that it is just for fun program and you should not take it too seriously.
If in case this application does not respond on strong shake, then can press a button on Magic 8 Ball and it will give you the answer. Now you must be familiar with similar ones but we had a strong reason to choose this one. It is free app and offers very interesting answers unlike other similar applications

Want to live your childhood all again? Most of us still remember pinball and we have played this games throughout our childhood. Now it is officially available on Android. The basic idea of the game is similar. Nothing has changed in this version and this is what we like the most about this tool.
This program comes with 6 different themes. You can pick any theme and relive your childhood all again! Well, one disappointing thing is that moving smartphone does not have any effect and this turns us off but if you have nothing else to do then this application can help you pass your time.

Lost in an area with no electricity? Finding path or looking for something in dark? Then our final but the most important app can help you. Flashlight helps to turn on your camera’s flash continuously for as long as you want. One great feature about the application is that it consumes very little battery. So, if you are low on battery even then this program will work for you with no issues at all.