Followers App – Trace your Instagram Followers Activity

Followers appInstagram is definitely one of the most popular social networks nowadays. Tons of people likes to share their photos or stories and communicate with users from around the globe through comments or direct messages. The concept behind this idea is pretty good, and it comes with a mass of new coming features. However, there are some places where this app leaves its users wishing for more. Unfortunately, you cannot track who has unfollowed you or if the people you followed last week are following you back?

The official Instagram app can’t help you in this solution. But luckily there are different third party ones which can do complete work about who unfollowed you, who are new followers and all other similar information. There are few different providers of these applications available on the Google Play and App-store. We tested a couple of them and decided “Followers” provides simple but attractive and easy to use tools.

To get detailed insights you have to log in to your Instagram account through this third party application. Don’t worry your privacy will remain safe and this application will get access to limited data. When you have linked Followers with your IG account, then it will start fetching some information from your account. Once this application has fetched everything it needs, it will take you to a dashboard.

On the dashboard, you will find different options. You can find the long list of your new followers. If you open the list, you will find some details like either you are following your new followers or not.If you wish to follow your followers, then you can do it easily by tapping the follow button just beside their name. You can even unfollow them by tapping the following button. So, you don’t have to leave the application to do these operations.
Now one interesting feature is that this application allows you to find out the people who have unfollowed you. You will get a complete list of people who have done it. So, if you wish to do the same, then you can do it by simply tapping the follow button.

Now there is an additional list which shows you all those people whom you never followed but they have now unfollowed you.
So, in short this is a very useful application for people who are hardcore Instagram users. Followers is a simple application which offers everything it promises!